Comprehensive information

For retailers

We boost your sales with the fleet upgrade programme. You order the trailer kits needed by the workshop, thus automatically coming into contact with your workshop customers.
The ordering process

If you would like to take part in the fleet upgrade programme, call your workshop and contract them to carry out a repair job. Everything else will be taken care of by your workshop and trading partner.


Using the VIN and axle number, you can identify which axles need to be replaced, decide on the extent of the repairs and order the appropriate replacement parts package from your trading partner.


If you have received the parts order including the VIN and axle number, use your retailer log-in to order the appropriate trailer kits on the ordering portal


The retailer requests are sent to the ordering portal and are reviewed there. After this, the order is forwarded to BPW and PE.


Once the order has been received, BPW and PE will prepare and then transport the order. The trailer kits are promptly delivered directly to the workshop.